from the UCC Manual on Ministry

Answer the following questions with at least two other people (spiritual director, coach, mentor, community of practice, Committee on Ministry members, etc.). Then write a paragraph or two for your own files and for the COM reflecting on your call over the past five years and your sense of call to the next five years.

Reflection Questions:
Review your ministry over the past 5 years and discuss the following questions.

What gives you energy? What is life-giving?
What drains your energy?
What and who have you discerned God calling you to do and be in the past 5 years?
What surprises did you encounter as you sought to live into God’s call?
Where was there resistance and barriers to fulfilling that call?
What do you want to celebrate about your ministry?
What would you do differently, if given the chance to do something over again?
What gifts from the Marks did you need in order to follow this call?
What learnings and growth from the Marks were accomplished while following this call?
What areas of the Marks would prove fruitful for further training, learning, or investigation?

Discernment Questions:
What and who do you feel God is calling you to do and be in the next 5 years?
What gifts do you already have that will help you follow this call?
What resources do you need to follow this call?
What makes authorized ministry the best way to live out this call?