Healthy Practices for Ministry: We've Never Done It That Way Before!

Date and time: Thursday, October 3, 9 am registration – 2 pm

Place: First Congregational Church of Akron, 292 E. Market Street.

Led by Nayiri Karjian, Association General Minister

WE’VE NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY BEFORE are the dreaded words for every pastor, for every church member with a new idea, for every dreamer of what church can be.

If you hear these words in the church you serve come to discuss how to respond to it, to explore how the church is changing in spite of we’ve never done it that way before, and how you can navigate change and what the trends are in congregations formerly knows an mainline, and more.

The church is an institution and as such it preserves itself in order to live and survive. It prides itself in keeping tradition, passing it on from generation to generation, providing a good foundation.

The church is also a faith community and as such it follows the One who calls it to be church, to walk in the way of Jesus, calling all to rebirth and resurrection, renewal and transformation.

As a result the church lives with the tension between institutional preservation and faith’s call to rebirth and renewal. When we cannot figure out how to live with this tension successfully, we struggle, and We’ve never done it that way before continue to be our song.

Registration begins August 15, ends September 28

Cost per person – $35 lunch included

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