LIVING WATER ASSOCIATION, of Ohio NorthEast, Ohio Conference United Church of Christ is a community of 150 congregations who come together in the Holy Spirit to be the Church, striving to embody Christ in our 21st century world.



Refreshing our souls, hearts and lives


Renewing our congregations and church communities


Restoring the world to what God intended it to be

Our Purpose

To be a resource and support for the health and wellbeing of our congregations, that we may grow into communities of healing and grace and embodying Christ in the world.

Association Staff and Contact Information

Rev. Nayiri Karjian
Association General Minister
330-940-2220 x102
[email protected]


Rev. Michael Howard
Minister of Faith in Action
330-940-2220 x103
[email protected]


Dan Roland
Search & Call Coordinator
330-940-2220 x104
[email protected]


Committee on Ministry Registrar
330-940-2220 x100
[email protected]

Machelle Miller
Administrator of Finances and Office Manager
330-940-2220 x101
[email protected]


Cheryl McGraw
Administrative Assistant & Communications
330-940-2220 x100
[email protected]


Rev. Dr. Gene McAfee
Dean of Northeast Ohio School of Ministry
[email protected]


Don Hill
Financial Development Consultant
[email protected]

Association Office
[email protected]
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM