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Our Mission


Our Faith in Action Mission is to support congregations
as they turn faith into action by building
strong, resilient, beloved

Resources For Community Engagement


Faith in Action Grants

Learn about how our Faith in Action Grants are making a difference in communities across our region.

  • Prophetic Witness

    Prophetic Witness

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Prophetic Witness

Connect with others from across the Living Water Association and the Heartland Conference working on issues that you care about.

Community Engagement Toolbox

Explore our Toolkits and discover new ways to engage and make a change in the world around you.

United Church of Christ

Just World Covenants


In the United Church of Christ, Just World Covenants are adopted by local congregations and the diverse settings of the church to strengthen their commitment to building a just world for all through their ministry, mission, and witness. The UCC’s tradition of covenant includes a time of prayer, discernment, and education that leads to a commitment to live out the Gospel in new ways. The UCC’s covenant programs are a unique opportunity to grow in spirit and vitality for the transformation of the world.

Congregations are invited to adopt their own Just World Covenants. Each of these eight covenants are expressions of our living into the covenant we have made with each other, with Creation, and with God.

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