The Open, Affirming, and Prophetic Witness Team, seeks to use our sacred texts and our core values of Extravagant Welcome, Changing Lives, and Continuing Testament to:

  • support and expand the education, advocacy, and resourcing of individuals and congregations to deepen our understanding of circumstances in the lives of LGBTQ peoples and provide collaborative opportunities and availability for public witness and advocacy
  • develop and share resources to support the spiritual development and actions of congregations so that affirming efforts can be supported and strengthened
  • identify methods and mechanisms for individuals and/or congregations to learn to be community, regional, or national public witnesses or advocates for those who are marginalized
  • support graceful engagement of people who are subject to marginalization, difference, and injustice
  • support the skill development of allies for LGBTQ individuals
Speaker’s Bureau

The EOA/WRA Open, Affirming and Prophetic Witness Team is happy to announce the creation of a Speaker’s Bureau to support our local congregations.

Individuals with expertise are available to assist congregations exploring Open and Affirming status, an education program about LGBTQI friends, biblical resources for inclusion and acceptance, and to answer questions that congregations may have about becoming more fully inclusive.

You may directly contact the members of the Speaker’s Bureau to arrange for educational, preaching, or worship support.

Click on a name to learn more about the speaker’s skill set and area(s) of expertise.