In every age and time the Church has been called to live out its faith in the community in which it finds itself.

In our 21st century, pluralistic and rapidly changing world we continue to discover that the Church’s calling is to embody Christ in the world, to create the Beloved Community, engaging in and with society to heal and restore the world to what God intended it to be.

The Association’s Prophetic Witness Teams address issues of social concern, issues that cause pain and division in our communities.  Their purpose is to engage the local setting and association in education and/or advocacy, to be a voice of faith in the public sphere and to promote the creation of a just society.

Through Prophetic witness the Church works to heal rifts in our broken society, connect with our neighbors, build right relationships with the other, and work toward fostering a world of compassion, justice, peace and dignity for all.

Our Prophetic Witness Teams have addressed many issues in the past and continue to discover new ways of ministering in this new time:

  • Opioid Crisis
  • Colour Abundant – anti Racism
  • Open and Affirming – LGBTQ issues
  • Culture of Peace
  • Food Security
  • Immigration
  • Community Engagement

We encourage forming new prophetic witness teams.  Contact Michael A. Howard, our Minister of Faith in Action, for more information.