White Savior: Congregational Discussion Guide

Created by our Minister of Faith in Action, Rev. Michael Anthony Howard, this discussion guide is for those looking to dig deep in their faith with bold questions about the relationship between White Supremacy and Christianity in America. The guide provides point-for-point discussion questions for the documentary, White Savior: Racism in the American Church.

WARNING: The documentary film is rated 16+ and contains some explicit language and violent imagery. Please pay careful attention when preparing to screen and/or discuss this film.

The chapters of the documentary and the guide include:

  • Chapter 1: What is Race?
  • Chapter 2: The Bible and Race?
  • Chapter 3: Anti-Blackness in the United States
  • Chapter 4: Erasing Native Voices
  • Chapter 5: Intersectionality of Oppression
  • Chapter 6: Christianity in Black
  • Chapter 7: The Problem of Reconciliation

Access the documentary:

Access the Congregational Discussion Guide: