Reproductive Justice in Scripture and Theology


MON OCT 17 & 24, 2022
6:30 – 8 PM
via Zoom

Topic: Reproductive Justice in Scripture and Theology

From an expert on childhood in the biblical world comes a truly engaging conversation on how to address reproductive rights from a broader faith perspective. The learning opportunity will consider proof-texts within the social context where they emerged to help us understand how these scriptures apply to our own setting; and offers a theological basis for reproductive rights.

Facilitator: Dr. Laurel Koepf

Laurel Koepf is Associate Professor of Old Testament at Eden Theological Seminary. She teaches “Biblical Studies I” as well as “Hebrew Grammar.”  Dr. Koepf  also teaches electives such as  “Genders in the World of the Bible,” “Biblical Families,” and “Reading the Bible With Children and Youth.”  In her teaching, she seeks to empower students to become confident and informed interpreters of scripture. Dr. Koepf’s research focuses on children in the Bible and how people thought about children differently in the biblical world than we do in this country today.  Her first publication, Give Me Children or I Shall Die: Children and Survival in Biblical Literature, based on her revised Ph.D. dissertation, was released in Fall 2013.

When: Monday, October 17 & 24, 6:30-8pm

Where: Zoom (register)