Reason to Have Hope

Reason to Have Hope: A Public Health Response to Racism is a multi-part, online, interactive, and highly adaptable course created by the Council on Health and Human Services, United Church of Christ.  The tool we heard so much about from Rev. Dr. Elyse Berry is now online. Its “innovative, user-friendly curriculum is geared for a group learning environment and includes history, current events, theology, stories of resilience, and the intersections of race and social issues to help members of faith-based organizations and local churches learn from not only the material but each other.”

The material “makes clear that racism shows up in every system and structure in this country, and that the aspects of daily life — where you live, learn, work, and age — impact health and well-being,”

Source: Council on Health and Human Services, “New Anti-Racism Curriculum to Help Participants Discern Their Calls to Action”

Recommended by Rev. Michael Howard, Minister of Faith in Action