At the 2021 Association Annual Meeting on October 30, General Minister Nayiri Karjian announced an exciting new opportunity to transform NEOSOM into The SPIRE Center – School of Possibility Inspiration Reimagining and Exploration. Through the SPIRE Center, our Association will provide training and resources to church leaders, multiple paths to ordination, inspire thoughtful and impactful ministries, and more. Further information is available here.

Christianity was first known simply as “the Way” (Acts 9:2) – the way of life embodied in Jesus the Christ – and that way has content. And content is both learned and, by the grace of God, lived – lived in such a way that ordinary people are inspired to preserve and pass on that way from generation to generation. Christianity is both taught and caught, and our lay and continuing education program takes as its mission not only the transmission of information and knowledge, but also the formation of followers of Jesus Christ. Our three-year cycle of such basic courses as Bible, theology, ethics, church history, stewardship, faith formation, evangelism, and mission is intended to better equip the saints of God for the work of the church. Northeast Ohio School of Ministry provides ongoing opportunities for the church to continue its task of educating its leaders. Take a few minutes to listen to some students whose faith journey has been enriched by NEOSOM!

Rev. Gene McAfee invites you to explore the possibilities with NEOSOM, whether you are a lay leader who wants to serve your congregation with a deeper understanding of your faith and of the Church, or considering a call to become an Authorized Minister in the UCC.

Through NEOSOM, Elizabeth Goodin has gained confidence and new perspectives as she has served churches in various capacities. The opportunity to study scripture more deeply has breathed new life into the world beyond the words.

Jack Acri has felt transformation and affirmation in his journey since taking part in NEOSOM classes. It has deepened his faith, broadened his understanding of the church, and helped him hone ministerial skills. Allow the Holy Spirit to inspire you to seek out what NEOSOM has to offer, and what you have to offer your community.

After a spiritual awakening, Stephanie Phillips felt a call to do more than just attend church. NEOSOM has enabled her to explore her thirst for education and knowledge, increased her insight into scripture, build confidence to preach, and experience new possibilities.

Class Information for Winter 2022

Registration Deadline is January 3, 2022

All courses are taught online via Zoom and require a minimum of six students.

Tuition is $100 per course for credit or $65 to audit.

For questions or for more information, please contact Gene McAfee, Dean, at

Scholarship funds are available to assist anyone for whom the fees might be a concern, Email the Dean of Schools, Rev. Gene McAfee, for more information.

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