Digital church is here to stay! It is not transitory or temporary. Many churches have seen an increase in participants in worship online. Many are forming new communities online. Through Digital or online church, the Good News is reaching far and beyond the church building walls. And that is reason to celebrate!

Digital church makes Church more inclusive and more far reaching. Many are already thinking of a “both and” approach for the future. Those who gather online ate also giving digitally. Many are organizing social, coffee time digitally. The possibilities seem endless.

Funding requests will include:

  • Audio Visual Equipment such as screens, projectors, cameras, mixers, etc.
  • Equipment for digital connection such as tablets, I-pads, etc. for those who lack them
  • Website building
  • Website live streaming
  • Website online giving
  • Online payroll services

Funding Request Submissions: funding requests may be made any time during the calendar year.